VA-161 Bald Eagles CV-66_CS

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Not to be confused with the actual VA-161/VFA-161 (which also never flew A-6's).

This started out just as a patriotic theme, so I wanted to use CV-66, the USS America. The two actual squadrons I was going to use were VA-34 and VA-165.

I changed my mind and deleted the 5 and VA-165 became VA-161.

I knew I should have looked first ... I was going to write up a BS ditty for this scheme, but see no use now.

Oh Well, I think its still a cool looking color scheme, But an actual VA-161 color scheme on an F-4 off the USS Midway would look really cool.

I am not ready to play with the F-4, as the current one in-game flies, but it needs a physics update.

I am waiting for a decent T-28 to start painting, as my next project.
I know of one - but I am more of a scale guy. I want them to look close to scale.

I don't have the time to learn 3DS-Max all over again, took me 5 days just to figure, my way back around in the Paint booth ...

But, I may have to change my tune ... as I see so many planes in my garage, that have no proper models of there RC counterparts ...

That's is another story.

Anyway, you can play with this one if you want.

This color scheme requires:

Grumman A-6 Intruder_EA

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