Wild Hawk 4CH_EA

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Modified Wild Hawk. Wings are clipped at 22" each for a 44" total wingspan. Added Ailerons for full 4 channel rudder/elevator/aileron/throttle function. Installed a fairly low kv inrunner with an APC 6x4 prop and a 1500 mah lipo.

Clipping the wing tips has the effect of changing the flight characteristics from a self-correcting "high wing" to that of a more neutrally stable "low wing." Ailerons are pretty much "required" with the clipped tips. The clipped version flies well in higher speed winds too. If you have a Wild Hawk, why not order a set of replacement wings from Harbor Freight and mod them. HXT900 servos are, what, $5 bucks each? Y cable and servo extensions are easily made from a 3 wire strip from an old hard drive ribbon cable and a bit of solder. The wings are interchangeable, adaptable to the skills of your students.

- Haiduk