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Wild Hawk

I have a few mods on these airplanes. I want to model them all, but I figured a good place to start was with the "stock" model.

Airplane Specs:
WingSpan: 54 inch
Length: 35 inch
Flying Weight: 21.5oz
Battery: Ni-MH 8.4V 1300mAH (6.4oz)
Power System: 380 Motor with 5x3 prop
Flight Time: 20+ Minutes (We were at the field for over an hour!)
Radio System Included: 3-Channel Radio w/ 2 micro servos and variable motor speed controller. Whats nice about this high qualit radio, reciver, motor, and servos, is that you can take them out when you are done with this plane and transfer them to any other 3CH plane you get.
Suitable for ages 14 years and over.

"The best 3 channel beginner RC plane on the market right now in my opinion is the RTF (Ready-to-Fly) Wild Hawk. If you have never flown an RC plane and want to get started, THIS is absolutely the one. The day you get your Wild Hawk is the day you can start flying. It's ingenious mid mounted motor and EPP foam make it virtually indestructible. If you do break it, it can be repaired right on the field with clear packing tape, foam safe super glue or hot glue!

In the air it's very stable with it's large self-correcting wings. The motor gives it plenty of thrust and can be flown slow and fast. You can even fly it real high and just glide around. The control surfaces are the PERFECT size. Unlike most other beginner RC planes I've flown, the Wild Hawk's control surfaces give you the movement and authority you need to successfully handle your plane in all wind conditions.

Do all the research you'd like on beginner planes, you will come right back to this one as I have. The strangest thing to me is the price, $69.99. I don't know how they can sell a quality RTF for half the price of everyone else. If I had not first seen one at the field and held it in my own hands first, I would not have believed it. Having now owned and flown my own Wild Hawk I can confidently recommend it to all who want to get into this hobby as THE best plane to start with."
- Dave Powers
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