Working German V-I Launch Facility_AP

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Working German V-I Catapult Launch Facility
This is a German WW2 launch facility for the v1
Buzzbomb. In order to get the launcher to work
properly I assembled four launchers side by side
to create a wide enough track for the V1 to take
off from. To use the launcher you have to
download the V1-Buzzbomb EA. Edit the V1 as
1. Change launch method to Discus.
2. Increase Vehicle Grapical Scale to 300%
3. Increase Vehicle Physics Scale to 200%
4. Adjust CG X=0, Y=18.00, Z=-2.00
5. Increase turbine thrust to 50 lbs.
6. Add high density orange and white smoke.
The most important part of the airport edit is
the Plane Spawn Position. If you experience any
problems with the launch. Do the following.
enter the airport editor. Click on the objects
folder, click on Plane Spawn. Now check the

Properties page for the following.
1. Custom Name: Plane Spawn
2 Relative Position: Z should be 10
3. Orientation: incl should be 5 degrees
4. Drop Aircraft on Reset: Yes
5. Initial Velocity: 150
6. Overides Handlaunch: Yes

Remember, this is a catapult launch, set 1/3 to
1/2 throtle and hit the space bar and you are off.

PS: I also am uploading a V1-CS and AV

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