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  1. Ryan Douglas

    KEError 32434

    I'm not sure what's happening. If you can run through some steps, hopefully it will at least shed some additional light and maybe even fix the problem. Please follow the steps below in order and include replies to all the questions along the way. What version of RF9 do you have currently? It...
  2. Ryan Douglas

    New forum layout.

    This is fixed as of this morning. :)
  3. Ryan Douglas

    New forum layout.

    Private conversations are handled a bit differently in the new system (as Bill Stuntz pointed out above), and it appears there is no limit. :) Thanks for alerting us to this oversight. It should be fixed now. Many previous vBulletin settings were imported successfully during the transition...
  4. Ryan Douglas

    New forum layout.

    Hello all, The new forum rollout seems to be going pretty smoothly overall so far. Some things are still being tweaked as we go. This is happening because a new discussion thread is automatically created for every upload to the swap pages. You may have noticed the "Discussion" text that...
  5. Ryan Douglas

    Lockheed Starliner Build thread

    We've had another flare-up. A couple weeks ago I closed another thread for this kind of stuff before later deleting it at the OPs request. It does not belong here. I have temporarily banned flip for instigating it this time after that initial warning. Bear in mind that without responses...
  6. Ryan Douglas

    Registration of Realflight 8

    It's possible this is a factor. I don't think we should focus on it right now, but let's keep it in mind. I remember a time many years ago where a satellite Internet company was filtering out packets without a specific HTTP header whose absence didn't cause a problem anywhere else. I see that...
  7. Ryan Douglas

    No update option in RF9 Launcher

    Unfortunately that's not going to work. It will have the exact same problem.
  8. Ryan Douglas

    No update option in RF9 Launcher

    zedszed, thanks for the above info as well as your PM. The good news is that it allows me to narrow the problem down further. The bad news is that it doesn't shed very much additional light on how to fix the problem for you. I now know RealFlight is able to talk to the registration server and...
  9. Ryan Douglas

    No update option in RF9 Launcher

    The rest of the error message text accompanying those error codes says what they mean. :) The error codes are primarily for our benefit. This is potentially useful data. Do you still RF8 installed? If so, please try the following: Run the RealFlight Launcher Click Technical Support Click...
  10. Ryan Douglas

    Real Flight 9 Registration Errors Persist

    I'm closing this as a duplicate of this thread. Let's keep the discussion in one place.
  11. Ryan Douglas

    Ring Race Challege Level 9 - any advice ??

    Ring Race I level 9 uses a special challenge variant of the L-39 jet. Flaps are disabled on that challenge variant. Retracts (Ch. 7) are active as Wildcard said, and they will affect your top speed once you get going. But even with retracts down and on low rates, I had no trouble getting up...
  12. Ryan Douglas


    To recalibrate your controller, which will affect the behavior of all models in the sim: From the main menu, select Simulation->Select Controller... Click to select the desired controller if more than one is listed. Click Calibrate. Follow the on-screen instructions. On the other hand, maybe...
  13. Ryan Douglas

    No update option in RF9 Launcher

    zedszed, thanks for the info. Even with Windows Defender and the Windows firewall disabled, it's possible some other protection software is present that is acting without your knowledge. I know you said other applications were having no trouble accessing the Internet, but that doesn't...
  14. Ryan Douglas

    Missing Trees and Grass

    This sounds to me like tree visibility simply got disabled somehow on that one machine. PilotAt6 and Flapper have both described ways to toggle that setting (and those are two different ways to modify the same setting under the hood). Re: DirectX, a few things are worth noting: Numerous...
  15. Ryan Douglas

    Registration of Realflight 8

    TmAcHeLi2020, the registration server has been operating fine as far as we can tell. Nevertheless, it was rebooted earlier today. It would be worth trying again just to make sure that didn't fix anything for you. What you describe sounds very much to me like something on your end is blocking...
  16. Ryan Douglas

    No update option in RF9 Launcher

    zedszed, you definitely should be able to update to 9.00.022 assuming you have a good Internet connection on that machine. The fact that the update option is not appearing for you means the Launcher is unable to talk to the registration server. We have seen a few scattered reports of...
  17. Ryan Douglas

    FlightAxis Link in RF8.0.056

    8.00.055 is now a public version that is readily accessible. You are correct that FlightAxis Link is turned back off in 8.00.056, which is a version intended for regular users. Don't worry, though; the only thing you're missing by not having .056 is merged multiplayer sessions between RF7...
  18. Ryan Douglas


    Some people complained about the original Rift being too dark. The Vive was significantly brighter. Some people preferred that; some people did not. Headsets vary, as do preferences. Make sure you're flying at a 3D airport to get the full experience. PhotoFields are inherently limited in...
  19. Ryan Douglas

    Tip tanks for the V35 Bonanza?

    I realize this creates some duplication with another thread that already got a response while this was caught up in the moderation queue, but this one has more information.
  20. Ryan Douglas

    How to delete aircraft variants from the aircraft menu

    Disclaimer: It's been a while since I used G5, so I may be wrong about how it worked back then... At some point--I think when you attempt to load that variant, but maybe on simulation startup--you should see a console message at the bottom of your screen about it being based on a vehicle you...