A guide for better success with aircraft requests

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Below is an example of a proper request and minimum required images for any aircraft build

Hey Guys, I'm new here and I'd really appreciate it if somebody more experienced than I could build the BDJ5 for me. What makes this model interesting to me is it's super small size, agility, and it was featured in a James Bond film "Octo*****". (The last part of this word is censored)
I'd be more than willing to provide as much information as possible on the project and find any pictures needed for the build.
I also would provide my email for ease of communication and would check in on the build thread often in-case I'm needed.

To start out I have some images that may pique your interest.
Also I have a link to a build thread for a RL RC version.

Hope to have this one in the sim someday Thanks,Boof69

Note:Notice the attached images contains a 3 view. This is a vital image for any new build.
If no suitable 3-views can be found RC build plans are a more than acceptable replacement.
Also search at the swap pages for your request to see if it or a scale-able, fixable version already exists. Most modelers will not remake a model that has been done previously.


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