Aircraft Modeling: Using Blender

This is to add to new tutorials being made but on the Blender side of things. Blender is a free program and can handle every aspect of the modeling process (even painting if desired).

Please feel free to reference THIS THREAD for links and other such information that will be used throughout the course.

Let's get to it!

Introduction and Project Setup

Fuselage (Part1)
Fuselage (Part 2)
Fuselage (Part 3)
Cowl (Part 1)
Cowl (Part 2)
Wing (Part 1)
Wing (Part 2)
Spinner, Engine, & Cockpit
Rudder (Part 1)
Rudder (Part 2)
Rudder (Alternate Method)
Main Landing Gear

Wheel Pants
Wheels, Rear Gear & Engine Plane

Model Setup and Such:
Model Setup (Part 1) & Hierarchy
Model Setup (Part 2)
Removable Parts

UV Unwrapping:


Import & Setup in RealFlight:
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