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This is a matching thread to the one maxkop started for G3.5 It was decided to help clarify which version the models are being created for, each forum section (G3.5 or G4) will have it's own "project list"

On which aircraft you are modelling at the moment? To prevent multiple designers working on the same aircraft, I thought it would be a good idea that designers are listing their current projects under this thread and Edit their post when they add, cancel, or finish their projects.

Current Projects :

DC-3 / C-47
~Visit Build Thread Here:DC-3 / C-47 Build
~3D Modeling: In Progress

P-47C "Razorback"
~Visit Build Thread Here:P-47C "Razorback" Build
~3D Modeling: Finished for the most part
~Pivots and Hierarchy: Finished
~Flight Physics: Finished
~Color Scheme: Finished


Finished Projects of mine that are already available on swaps: (Not including some of my early models....which lacked in quality)

Note: G3.5 versions will also work in G4.5 Some minor tweaking / physics adjustments might be needed.

Top Flite Elder (G4.5 Now G3.5 SOON)Build Thread
G4.5 Swap Link

Cessna-195A (G4.5 only) Build Thread
G4.5 Swap Link

Lavochkin La-7 (G4.5 only) Build Thread
G4.5 Swap Link
~PBY-5A "Fire Eaters" (G3.5 and G4.5)) Build Thread
G4.5 Swap Link
G3.5 Swap Link
~Boeing 314 Clipper (G4.5 only) Build Thread
G4.5 Swap Link
~GeeBee R-2 (G3.5 and G4.5) Build Thread
G3.5 Swap Link uploaded by Opjose
G4.5 Swap Link
~FW-190 (G3.5 and G4.5) Build Thread
G3.5 Swap Link
G4.5 EA File Link (Bottom of post #1)
~Bell X-1 (G3.5) Swap Link
~F-82 Twin Mustang Aluminum (G3.5) Swap Link
~F-82 Twin Mustang Night Mission Black (G3.5) Swap Link
~Ju-87G-2 Stuka (G3.5) Swap Link
~Me-109 (G3.5) Swap Link
~Me-262 (G3.5) Swap Link
~Nakajima Ki-27 (G3.5) Swap Link
~B-24 (G3.5) "lacks details of above models" Swap Link
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DHK79's Projects

These are the projects that I currently have underway:

Awaiting inspiration
Research – TBD
3D Model – TBD
Texture – TBD
Physics – TBD

Completed Airport Objects may be found in the Custom Airport Object Repository. These objects include several static aircraft, a custom Hangar, and a tank.
Completed Aircraft Parts may be found in the Parts Repository. Parts include a couple of motors and a set of floats.

Completed Projects on the RF6 swaps:
Pete 'n Poke (Special Request - joint effort with Boof69, also works with G4 & G5)
Fairey Gannet AS-4 (Special Request)
Great Lakes 2T-1A (Special Request)
Howard 500 (Special Request)
Mamba Flying Wing Combat Glider (Special Request)
SIG Rascal 110 (Special Request)
Blue CS for Rascal 110
Green CS for Rascal 110
Purple CD for Rascal 110
Rascal with Floats
Blue CS for Rascal with Floats
Green CS for Rascal with Floats
Purple CS for Rascal with Floats
.40 sized AV for the Rascal110 (Special Request)
Roto-Finish P-51 (Special Request)
Star Trek Shuttle Galileo
Supermarine Walrus (Special Request)

Completed Projects on the G5 swaps:
Apocalypse - T-34 Pattern Maneuvering T-34
RealFlight Ranch - T-34 Orbit Orbiting T-34
1963 Cessna 172D (Also works with G4)
Extra 300 - 40% (Also works with G4)
Leopard 4 (Special Request, also works with G4)
Numbskully's Jelly Belly CS (works with the G4 P-51D conversion)
Old Boy CS (works with the G4 P-51D conversion)
F-4B Phantom with Linear Motion Missiles
(Also works with G4)
Habu-32 (Also works with G4)
ICON A5 (Also works with G4)
G4 P-51D Mustang (Conversion of an G4 classic for G5)
TA-4J Skyhawk with Linear Motion Missiles (Also works with G4)
Terrafugia Transition (A flying car, also works with G4)
Terrafugia Transition patch for version 033

Completed Projects on the G4 swaps:
Sun Lakes Radio Control Club 2010 (photo field)
Sun Lakes Model Airplane Club (photo field)
Two Cow Cove (photo water field)
AeroCanard G4
Air Boat
ASTRON 40 Flying X-Wing (Special Request)
AT-17B Cessna Bobcat (joint effort with pplace)
Beech 18 (Special Request)
Beech 18 Float Version
Blue Angel 6 (Special Request)
Bonanza V35A G4
Bonanza w/ Windows (Special Request)
Bucker Jungmeister (Special Request)
C-5 Galaxy (Special Request)
Clamato Trainer 40 (Special Request - joint effort with Flexible)
Convair CV-880 (Special Request)
CL-215 Canadair (Special Request)
Custom Red CS for the Cessna 182 (Special Request)
Decathlon on Floats
DHC-6 Twin Otter
DHK SlowPoke
Doug's FloatStick
Escapade (Special Request)
EuroSport (Special Request)
F-4B Phantom II with Afterburner
F-4B (Missiles)
F-4J Phantom II with Afterburner
F-16A Viper
F2G-1 Super Corsair
F4F-3S Wildcatfish (with Cowboy)
F4U Corsair
G4 Spitfire (Bonanza's Spit CS works with this one)
George's F-16 (Crash & burn with pilot eject joke)
H9 eStick
Habu (Special Request)
Honda Jet HA-240 (Special Request)
Katonka (Special Request)
Killer Chaos
Lockheed P-2 Neptune (Special Request)
M18 Auto-Gyro
Miss Champion (Special Request)
NexStar Tail-Dragger (this one is not on the swaps because it is a mod of a KnifeEdge plane)
Northrop N-9M (Special Request)
Paulene (Special Request)
Parrot LSA
Pizza (Foamy)
Polaris (Special Request)
Polaris 3D (AV)
R-100 Bugatti
Rutan Boomerang
S2F-1 Tracker (Special Request)
Santa Surfer (Special Request)
Seawind w Retracts
Sunderland (Special Request)
Surfer Gal
Switchblade (A flying motorcycle)
T-34C Mentor (Special Request)
T-38 Talon
T-38 Thunderbird
TA-4J Skyhawk (Special Request)
Taylorcraft 450 (Special Request)
Top Flite P-51D (Special Request)
Tona Wico (Special Request)
WACO on Floats (Special Request)
WACO YMF-5 (Special Request)

Completed Projects on the G3 swaps which also work with G4:
Bugatti R-100 (rereleased for G4)
Decathlon (also released a float version for G4)
F-8 (Special Request)
Focke-Wulf 190
Focke-Wulf Giant AV
H9 P-51 (Special Request)
Hot Air Balloon (with stigh4)
Mitsubishi A6M
Orange Trainer CS
G3 Parrot (I did not convert this file, but the poster submitted it under my name as the creater)
PTS P-51 Trainer (Special Request)
PTS P-51 Intermediate (Special Request)
PTS P-51 Intermediate + AV (Special Request)
PTS P-51 Sport (Special Request)

Completed Projects on the G3 swaps which will NOT work properly with G4:
SLMAC Field (photo field) - (rereleased for G4)
Two Cow Cove - Medium Scale (photo water field, rereleased for G4)
Two Cow Cove - Large Scale AP (requires Two Cow Cove - Medium Scale )
Two Cow Cove - Small Scale AP (requires Two Cow Cove - Medium Scale )
AeroCanard (rereleased for G4)
Bonanza V35A (rereleased for G4)
Boomerang (rereleased for G4)
C-5 Galaxy (G3 conversion by Flexible)
DHC-6 (rereleased for G4)
eStick (rereleased for G4)
F-16A (rereleased for G4)
FA-18 (rereleased for G4)
FloatStick (rereleased for G4)
H9 UltraStick 40 CS (this works, but the needed planes don’t)
Killer Chaos (G3 conversion by Flexible)
LowStick (some switches are reversed in G4)
M18 (rereleased for G4)
Mentor T-34C (G3 conversion by Flexible)
P2 Neptune (G3 conversion by Flexible)
Parrot LSA (G3 conversion by Flexible)
Seawind (rereleased for G4, this version will interfere with the stock Seawind in G4)
Skybolt (G3 conversion by Flexible)
Spitfire Mk Vb (rereleased for G4)
Switchblade G3 (G3 conversion by HX3D014)
Top Flite P-51D (electric) (G3 conversion by Flexible)
Top Flite P-51D (4 Stroke) (G3 conversion by Flexible)
Twin Beech (G3 conversion by Flexible)
UltraStick 60 AV (some switches are reversed in G4)
UltraStick (some switches are reversed in G4)
WACO YMF-5 (G3 conversion by Flexible)
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Projects I am currently working on:

PZL-104 Polish STOL plane

Research – Complete
3D Model – Complete
UVW Map – Complete
Texture – Complete
Physics – Complete

Completed Projects on the G3 swaps which also work with G4:

VP-124_EA + 2 extra CSs

Completed Projects on the G4 swaps:

SU-27-Russian Knights CS_CS
VP-124G4_EA + 2 extra CSs

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Heli gets the shakes

The Rappy 50 titan_EA.g3x gets the shakes while flying. Does anyone have a Raptor 50 Titan for the G$


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Can sum1 put up an F/A-22 .EA so i can use it plzzzzzzzzzz :D (this might not be the right place to put this, but what do i kno anyways)


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I want to work on a MiG-21 for G4. I keep asking people how to do it, but people always give me unclear messages.


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How about a real nice F-4 Phantom

I sure would like one of you designers to make a real nice F-4 Phantom.

The one from G3.5 is not very good. It is a copy of a prop powered model. I sure would like to get rid of those belly and wing tanks. And have a much more accurate model of it.

Anyone want to take it on?


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Great !!!

Built just a few of these. Say about 300 of them.

Shipped a few of them ready to fly to "Dream Quest" (another special effects company) and they used them in the filming of "Hot Shots"

Going to be nice to have one in RF. While you are at it, make a few changes and build the F-5 E version too.

Here are a few shots. The one with my wife in the photo was used for the cover of "R/C Scale Modeler"



Intresting! Two versions it is! I just looked up some photos of the Talon and ran across a thunderbird scheme on wich had the probe? :confused:

It would be spectacular if a modeler made a scale 3D version instead of my silly 2D version. :)



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Lets please try and stay on topic in this thread. This thread should only be reserved for modelers to share what models they are currently, planning or finished working on. (So other modelers don't duplicate others work)

If you want to talk about differences between different versions etc.....start a new thread about that particular model.

I will delete this post, if some of the above posts are deleted / cleaned up as well.



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Inky00 Next Project

I just thought i would let people know what model i am building next so no one else makes the same one.
My next project is the F-35B STOVL.I am hoping to have this done in the next couple of weeks as i know alot of people have requested it recently and i think it will make a really great addition to the G3.5/G4 Hangar.I will keep posting progress reports along the way to let you know how its coming along.
Progress report 1.I started the fuselage today and am very pleased how its coming along so far.


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