Can RF-X model full scale airplanes?


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Does anybody know if it is possible to model full scale airplanes using RF-X? I have made full scale airplane FBX files using 3DS Max 2018 and successfully got them to fly using smaller available RFX physical models, but they fly unusually slow. But when I try to center the graphical model with the physical model or try to resize the physical model, the simulation becomes unstable and unusable.


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RF-X is a Model Aircraft Simulator. You need to look at FSX, X-Plane, Prepar3d for Full scale aircraft simulation.

Also, there currently is no way to enlarge or shrink the Graphic model in RF-X. This is a known issue that was mentioned with the release of the Beta Aircraft Editor.


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Maybe in RF-G4.... and older generations of the software. not in RF-X
You were given a correct answer for the New RF-X version. In the older software, the Reynolds numbers of airfoils did not correctly represent large aircraft. You could cludge it together and sort of make it work. In the RF-X software, you cannot graphically increase the 3D mode, so it is a non starter.