Cheap controller?


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I'm working overseas right now and don't want to risk damaging a nice transmitter. Are there any cheap (like sub-$40) transmitters, preferably available on Amazon, that are plug and play with RF8?

An Xbox controller just isn't doing it for me.



I bought one of those at a yard sale!!
Tried flying on it yesterday.
Cheap feel but i actually quite like it!!



It will not work by itself with 7.5 7.5 requires a special transmitter or USB transmitter interface
that has a serial number programmed into it in order to run the software (copy protection).
If you have that special interface plugged in then you can plug in other interfaces like the Dynam 6CH
Or a transmitter dongle.
But no you cannot use a controller like this by itself with RF 7.5

It works with RF8 and RF9 though.
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