Combat and machine guns


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I was messing around today and wanted to try combat for the first time but I cannot get the machine guns to work. I am using a Taranis radio and use the radio's software to control the dual rates but when i use the dual rate switch nothing happens. Any idea what I can try?


Dual rates for each flight control channel in the Taranis are applied before a signal is sent to RF. For the default RF Interlink Controller, the "Ch 5" switch sends a signal to the program, which then uses its "software radio" to apply the dual rates.
If in your configuration for the Taranis, you left the "software radio" box checked, then all you need to do is to program in mixing a switch to send +/- 100% to channel 5.

But note - in other planes, without machine guns, your "machine gun" switch will activate the dual rates programmed in the RF "Software Radio". Meaning in that situation, you will have two different switches that give dual rates, that could give extra-low or extra-high depending on how they are flipped. Best would be to delete the dual rates in the Taranis, and just use what the sim has set up, via the new Ch 5 switch.
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