Coming soon: RealFlight 8!

Ryan Douglas

Staff member
We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of RealFlight 8!

RealFlight 8 is the successor to RF7.5 and adds some exciting new features, such as:

  • VR Capability - Strap on an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive for a new, unprecedented level of immersion.
  • FPV Drone Racing Challenges - Feel the thrill of learning to pilot a high-performance FPV racer through various race courses in three new challenge tiers.
  • Race Drone Flight Controller - This new electronics component simulates the behavior of current race drones. It supports Acro and Horizon modes.
  • New Aircraft - Check out the complete list of new models in a separate post below!
  • New Airport - The FPV Racing Site contains gates for numerous different race courses as well as some other creative obstacles.
  • Integration of RealFlight Drone Features - See the list in a subsequent post below.
  • HID Controller Support - Hook up a USB joystick or game controller for a second, basic controller, or to try out the software on a budget.
  • Enhanced Heli Blade Sounds - Helis have more of the "whump" sound some users have been missing during hard collective maneuvers.
  • Custom Content Creation: FBX Import - Export models from any version of 3ds Max using the FBX file format and import them directly into RealFlight 8! Pioneered in RF-X, this advance eliminates the need for a KEX Exporter plugin to create custom 3D models.
For additional information, including system requirements, please visit

And because I know people are going to ask the natural follow-up question, I will say it here: we also have an RF-X update coming sometime after RF8's release.

Ryan Douglas

Staff member
New aircraft in RF8

Here are the new models in RF8 compared to 7.5. All of the models that were previously available in RealFlight Drone are included.

  • Great Planes Factor 30cc
  • Riley Model B
  • Synergy 766
  • Heli-Max FORM500
  • Heli-Max Voltage 500 3D
  • Hubsan X4 Pro
  • Hubsan X4 Pro (Prop Guards)
  • Rise RXS255
  • Scorpion Sky Strider 280 (5 Degree Arm Angle)
  • Scorpion Sky Strider 280 (10 Degree Arm Angle)
  • Tempest 250
  • Tempest 250 (Angled Camera)
  • Tempest 280
  • Tiny Terror 150
  • xCraft X PlusOne
  • Xiro Xplorer
  • Xiro Xplorer G

Ryan Douglas

Staff member
Integrated Drone Features

Here is a more detailed list of drone-related features brought over from the RealFlight Drone product.

  • New vehicles (see above), batteries, motors, and props
  • Flight Modes gadget - Displays the available flight modes, indicates which one is currently selected, and describes how each mode works.
  • A gimbal stabilized camera component with true 3-axis operation
  • Support for daytime lights on vehicles
  • Multirotor Flight Controller: Added Headless mode (including customizable mode name text)
  • Multirotor Flight Controller: Added Tail Sitter mode (for aircraft like the xCraft X PlusOne)
  • Multirotor Flight Controller: Added Disarmed mode
  • Multirotor Flight Controller: Customizable RTL flight speed and RTL/Land ascent/descent rate
  • A dedicated Drone vehicle type (the sim used to treat them as helis)