Designing Airports - Tips and Tricks


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Thanks for the link. That partially answered my question. I am starting with a blank airport and want to move it. All i have figured out is to slowly drag the pilot spawn to a new location. Can i type in coordinates for the runway location or pilot spawn which ever is correct?


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If you are creating a new airport and are starting from scratch, your best bet is to open an existing airport.

Then use the "Walk" keys ( hit "W" to move forward, etc. ) and move your viewpoint to where you desire the new airport to be created.

You can "fly" to the destination, move at double, triple speed, etc. using the keyboard.

Once your virtual pilot is at his destination use the pull down dialog to create a NEW airport.

A new blank airport will be generated with a pilot and airplane spawn at the location you "walked" to.


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I am new to this and I am in need of help and did not find any information on earlier posts.

I was able to import a panoramic photo successfully, but when I go to airports it is not there. When searching under program files on the pc its not there either. I did find them under documents. Should I relocate the files?

If anyone has any information on how to do this the right way it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I don`t if you`ve tried this or not, but when you import a custom field, you`ll need to go to "CUSTOM AIRPORTS OR FIELDS" (whichever it is) which you`ll find at the top of your airport list. Click on the "custom", you should get a menu that has your airport on it, if you`ve imported it correctly, Another thing to consider, yes you imported the file into your documents file, which is a good place for it, BUT, did you import that file INTO RF, if you did`nt do that, you won`t find it on your airport menu.


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I new to this, I just bought the game last weekend and saw people make their own fields. I cant figure it out. Could you tell me how I can make one? Do I used just a photo or does it have to be like a 360 camera? Or is there a place I'm suppose to upload to?


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If you had read the thread that you posted in. (this thread) You would have received the information that you were looking for. It is plum chock full of information on creating photo fields.


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I don't know if there is anything similar to the intent of this thread. I would like to create a place for an on-going discussion of techniques used to create photo and 3D fields.

If you have a technique, tip or trick, please write about it here.

Try to keep the topic limited to this (Yeah Right!).
Its been a while and I figured I would resurrect this thread. I am working on a photofield of my R/C clubs airfield.
I am building the airport environment for realflight 9. I bought a Kodak orbit360 4k camera and plan on shooting a 360 degree panoramic photo of the field next weekend.
I opened the airport editor and plan on taking the sod farm field and updating it with my panoramic photo for starters. Next I plan on modifying the 3d object to match the layout of my club... The windsock location,. Pilot pitt benches, canopy, and storage shed...
Am I on the right path ?


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I am guessing that it will not work. The pano photograph that RF uses is a flat picture. The 3D pictures that I have seen are rather odd-looking when not viewed with a 3D specific software. I do not have a 360 camera and have no way to test this out. It really seems like a good idea. One picture and no stitching. It would also depend on the resolution of the camera.


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Newbie here, I'm working on making a replica of our field in Pataskala, Ohio... Can I share the file i'm working on with my friends so they can edit it too? If so where would I find the file??
Thank you!!!