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i tried to download f16,a4,yak130 aircraft to my sim G9 without sucsses
I downloaded the EA file but cant find the cs file
And couldnt download anything
Always getting an error that i dont have the base plan and cant download it


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1. Take careful note of the file you are downloading. EA=entire aircraft, CS=color scheme, AV=aircraft variant.
2. Make sure that you know where the file you downloaded is stored.
3. Open RF and use menu to import RFX file. Bottom of import menu.
4. IF IT IS AN EA FILE, you can double-click the message that appears at the bottom left of the screen. Be quick, as message will not be displayed very long. You can also open aircraft selection and select the aircraft. You can also press F2 to display aircraft search and type exact aircraft name.
4a. When I import a file, I always overwrite the existing files. Choose your own poison.
5. EA file includes a color scheme(CS) and the physics(AV) information. Every thing you need for a workin aircraft is included.
6. Without the EA file, the other two(CS&AV) files are worthless.
7. Some CS & AV files are based on aircraft you have to purchase. Expansion pack aircraft are just that.
8. If you are getting that message, you need to find the EA file or buy the expansion pack.

The process has been explained many times here. Also carefully read the download page. It explains what is needed before you ever download.
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I'm in a similar situation. The EA's are throwing up errors about not being able to find the color schemes and re-importing says that the file already exists. I'm getting all sorts of other errors about missing frames and other model components.

The only workaround I have found is to import the model you want to fly, have RF overwrite the existing files, and then load the plane via the menubar. (RF->Aircraft->Select Aircraft...) This usually at least succeeds in loading the important parts of the sound and visual elements and enough of the physics to let the plane fly more or less as it should.

The imported models go back to errors and crashes if I relaunch RF and don't import the models again before trying to load them.

Wish I had something better to offer than a partial workaround, but it's all I have.

Good luck and welcome to the community. There are some great models and other user generated content to explore. Hope you have as much fun as I do.

Be safe and well.


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Post the airplane and link, I will see if it loads okay on my PC, also a screen capture of the error message would be helpful, Thanks.