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Maj. Numbskully

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Many “Glider Enthusiasts” including myself have wanted a Dynamic Soaring AP
for Quite some time
Many people are surprised to learn that un-powered Gliders hold some of the world RC speed records!

For those of you not (yet) familiar with Dynamic Soaring (DS)
here is some good basic info on how it works:

When you see some of the RC Glider speed records that have been archived using DS you'll see why it has become one of the hottest new areas of our hobby in recent years.....
(How does 0.5 Mach grab you :eek: !)

After much trial , error..and frustration with the AP editor .......
I've made what I believe To be G4.0 and G4.5s FIRST true “Dynamic Soaring” Site !! :D

“Maj Numbskullys Dynasoar”

This site has two different AP's
One for Dynamic Soaring
and One for Traditional Slope Soaring !

First I am going to be Hosting the site on the 4.5.050 server(off and on)
At times it may be unmanned
I'm looking for experienced RW Dynamic Soaring RC pilots to join the MP sessions
for some feed back and ask that any help , comments or criticism (which is more than welcome) be handled with a pm if I'm away please
(but if anyone is curious and wants to check it out .....it is open to whomever wants to join)
I just want to fine tune it........keep in mind that this IS a glider AP!
(and you may want to "strengthen" your glider a little!...... LOL many RW ones tend to have wings ripped off ! :eek: :D )
I Will be posting it here before I send it to the Swap Pages
what I'll be looking for at that stage is weather or not the AP works (spawn points were they are supposed to be etc.)and if it exported correctly
As there have been many Airport Editor and Airport Export problems
It works just fine on my end....(and Boy does it!!)
But as resent experience has shown ...... that does not mean diddly!

There were Four challenges in creating a DS site for G4.0\G4.5
that have made my own and others attempts at creating one futile....
Number one was just getting the editor to work correctly (Listening KE ! :rolleyes: )
Another was setting a spawn point suitable for DS
As you need to launch the glider into the wind from the windward side.....
but as odd as it may sound at first
Dynamic Soaring takes place on the “Lee” side of the hill !
Using the “boundary Layer” that is set up by the wind going over the top of the hill
(weird that some of the worlds fastest RC planes do it without power and on the Lee side of a hill....Hugh!)
So Finding a location that lets you see both sides of the hill from the same Fixed View Spawn point was not easy
it had a lot to do with the shape , size and location of the hill
to enable you to see both sides
which brings me to the next challenge.......

Finding the right location to set up the required Boundary Layer
that makes DS possible
AND at the same time be able to have the fore mentioned suitable spawn point
at that required location
finding the right spot was a lot of trail and error !!! (Man...theres a lot of stuff in 5000 Square miles of terrain !)

And last was setting up the wind correctly to archive that Boundary Layer
at that given location

and I guess there is a fifth challenge.....having it Export correctly (still listening KE ! :rolleyes:

Maj. Numbskully

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LOL......those are not mine that is an un-altered screen shot of the unedited DS Ridge line!!!
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Have you ever flown DS? When you fly on the back side of the hill the wind comes over the top from the windward side. The wind on the back side then goes over your head drops then comes back at you from below, It's called a rotor.

In your picture you have the wind coming straight across the top of the ridge going horizontally. (Wrong)


I do fly DS when the wind is right and I hope you are enlightened.


Maj. Numbskully

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DS Ridge line uses 14 "wind field modifiers!!! :eek:
I'm using NONE , 0 ,zip, nada,
I'm actually using the Topography!
and I'm getting 250 - 390 mph DS'ing in a 23 mph wind setting
look at the wind indicators at DS ridgeline in the screen shoot I posted
does not even resemble what is going on in the graphic you are using!!!
Sorry but IMO..if you need 14 wind field "modifiers" to set up an Unrealistic wind pattern that is NOT a "TRUE" DS site !
when you go DS
do you and your friends set up 14 huge fans??
yes I've DS'ed.....and I did not bring any huge fan with me....them things are heavy
this is not about weather you or I or your friend have ever DS'ed
its about trying to make a site that is more like the RW!!
my world does not have Wind field modifiers other than the natural topography that sets up its own wind "boundary layer"


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Did you ever consider that the sim is not a real hill?

Did you read the link in my post?

Not trying to make a big debate over this....
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Maj. Numbskully

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funny it is acting like a real hill in my AP!
are you saying that this sim is incapable of producing a boundary layer with out wind modifiers?
then how is it I'm able to DS at around 250-300 mph in my site? using NONE?
I don't understand....
some one makes a site that is not very realistic and post it to swaps and people say that its not good because it is not realistic
when some one tries to make something realistic with no gimmics
it get compared to something that is not very real at all and folks still complain
maybe I'll just go back to mach 3 jets :D
yes I read that link .......in fact I put up the same one in the first post!
If you ask me it strengthens my position!
tnorton12000 said:
Not trying to make a big debate over this....
I know...... No Problem ...I'm rather enjoying it :D ....its all good tnorton :D
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Maj. Numbskully

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In one of my first attempts at making this AP i was using wind field modifiers like three or four set to max
and with a 25 mile an hour wind I got to well over 700mph
but how fast you can go when using wind field modifiers in an un realistic AP
does not impress me! ...... like i said its almost like setting up fans
I'm sure that could I make a DS site using modifiers that would get me over 1000mph
mmmmmm ...maybe that'll be my next project......... :D
now i realize what might be confusing you in the screen shot that posted !
I am not DSing where you are seeing the wind ind. grid
I'm DS'ing in what would be "behind" me in that shot ...I was just trying to show the wind pattern as it struck the front of the hill!
like it does in RL
the shot that accompany s it is the lee side
how you can compare the wind pattern shown by the wind field indicators in the ds ridgeline
screeny to a rotor is beyond me
rotors just do not extend that far back along the lee side(look at your diagram)
heck its not even a rotor
its just wind going in two directions the entire length on the valley... :eek:
rotors rotate ....as in circular
sure there is a boundry layer between them ....and you can DS there ..... but is really not very realistic........ actually with a wind set up like in ds ridge line you could DS in a flat level area
you don't even NEED hills !!
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Maj. Numbskully said:
Many people are surprised to learn that un-powered Gliders hold some of the world RC speed records!

as apposed to powered glider speed records :rolleyes: ;) :p

what exactly is "Dynamic Soaring"


Your planes are cool! I am new and posted my A-4 Skyhawk variant. Is there free modeling software that I can learn on?


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flmman said:
Is there free modeling software that I can learn on?
At least you're doubleposting to a different thread now, instead of the same thread, like last time. These forums aren't that big. If someone knows the answer to your question, you'll get it. There is a Search button here, too. Comes in handy!