E-Flight Timber-X Recommended flap deflection??


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Any suggestions for a recommended flap deflection with the E-Flight Timber-X w/slats? I'm using the WS2000 and my DX8e radio.
Ideally I could use the 3 position flaps like my setup with my actual model with DX8e radio but it looks like channel 6 is limited to the keyboard and either on or off unless I'm mistaken.


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If I recall correctly, the Timber X only uses 4 channels + 1 for flaps and 1 for rates. You should be able to map a 3 position switch on your DX8e to the flaps channel and edit the Software Radio in the model to use 3 positions instead of 2. I think it's overkill, though. Isn't the manufacturer recommendation 50% flaps for takeoff and 100% for landing, with flaps retracted at all other times.


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I've got the actual plane and radio set up per the manual with 3 position flaps on switch D and works as expected though I haven't had a chance to fly it yet. I also have 3 rates set up on switch C and that works as expected on the plane and in RF. I guess I need to dig more into setting up the RF software radio interface. Thanks.


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I have channel 6 set to a 3 position switch in the controller setup (using an FrSky QX7S).
I tried the Timber-X and the flaps work as expected - 0, 50% and 100%.


I have the same set up as the OP. I have the D switch mapped to all three flap positions. I don't use the keyboard for anything. The bind button is my reset, and D, as I said, are my flaps. A is my SAFE switch.

But I also have a separate question about the Turbo Timber.