F-111 build thread


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Getting closer to completion, release ?
WOW can't wait (but I guess I will have to)
Thanks for the EF-111 test beta I am still having a lot of fun flying that model.
Early January release hopefully

I see you are modelling in Wings3D, (great software) I thought you had made the switch to Blender. ?
It is not that I am switching from wings. My 3dsmax license is running out (couple months) and it is much harder to get now it requires a transcript. so I am switching from wings3d/3dsmax hybrid to wing3d/blender hybrid.


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This reminds me of the plane I've been wanting to create I call the junk plane. It was going to have a frame with lots of stuff exposed like the control cables and the parts necessary to route them. I call it the junk plane because the person making it was a retired rancher with tons of parts laying around in an old barn so he decided to make a plane from it. That's why I call it the junk plane it's just a fantasy thing. Would you mind if I worked on it too?