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Hello all,

The flight axis link is awesome, thanks for making it available! A friend of mine and myself have developed a Simulink interface for RF and are using it to develop autopilot architectures but have found a few items that are missing and would be really helpful. Is there any plan to include the following features (unless they are available somewhere and we are missing it)...
  • Inertias: RF is an awesome tool for predicting an aircraft mass/CG due to its quick modeling and great database of parts. Is it possible to get the inertias out of the program (either in the planemaker interface or as a soap packet?). A lot of controllers do a dynamic inversion or use scalars based on physics and having the inertias will make for a much better controller
  • Custom airfoils: I noticed a post on another thread where it now appears we can add custom props. is it possible to do the same with airfoils? (ie a .dat file for instance or calculated polars)
  • Increased input channels: is it possible to add more input channels through the SOAP interface? I know we can have a greater number of output channels in the software radio in RF but if the controller is run outside of realflight we will run into the 8 channel limit very quickly, especially for more complicated configs like quad planes etc

Thanks everyone! :)
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I'm just beginning to tinker and understand it but it is really cool. Thanks also for making it an RF8 free addon.

I'm glad you're finding the system useful. As to the features you suggest:

  • Inertia: It should be possible to report the inertia tensor for the full vehicle. Note that this value can change in flight (due to fuel burn, variable geometry, etc). Reporting over SOAP would be the simplest - I'll file a case to cover that.
  • Custom airfoils: There's no provision for custom airfoils at the moment, and it would be fairly complex. I'll file a case, but I don't think it's likely to get done without a partner to fund the work.
  • Increased input channels: It may be feasible to increase to 12 channels. Again, filing a case to look into it.

Nice to see the FlightAxis system branching out to Simulink!
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Agreed with Jenner and Tridge! An increase from 8 to 12 channels would be very useful! 8 channels has got me cornered at the moment:S. The addition of vehicle inertia as an output would also be handy! Hopefully an opportunity comes up for custom airfoil input as well in the future!