FMS Piper J3 1400mm (searching for.....)


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(I know...again me :) )
this time im searching for a FMS Piper J3 with 1400m wingspan
(not with floats...with a normal landing gear)
I found this here:
but this requires the Piper Cub from Add One 1
Or is the Piper J3 which is "built in" in the RF9.5 the correct one?
This one would be also available with floats :)
How you could see the dimensions / parameters of a plane?

Maybe....if this would be the 95% correct one, can some parameters edited? To get "nearer" to the original? (I have NO idea how.....just curious to know)



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As I can see...the one which comes with RF9.5 is a gas powered one. Not an electric plane (like the one I am searching for)