Frame Rate Fast then Slow

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When I start to fly the frame rate is about 30-60 FPS. That's good, however when I crash and hit the red reset button the frame rate drops to 1.7 or 2 frames per second.

I can reboot and run the program again with the same effects.

I am running Windows XP
I have an AMD 2500 CPU with 1gig ram and a Nvidia Gforce 5800 graphics

The thing is It starts to run fast until hit the red button then it really slows down.

I have run Ccleaner, defrag and Advanced system care.

I remember one time I just uninstalled the program and re-installed it. It ran OK for several weeks.....
Any suggestions?



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Did you realize that you have posted in the Real Race section? Nothing to do with Real Flight G.3 or G.4...........


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And this is a frequently discussed item...

Your system has relatively high latency fetching audio files and playing them back at the same time.

This takes up all the CPU time, causing FPS to drop.

SOMETIMES you can improve things greatly by using different audio drivers, newer Hard Drive drivers, or putting in a dedicated audio card at the very worst.

However huge improvements are realized by often using non-OEM audio drivers.

I've talked about this at length in the now very old HP ZD7000/ZD8000 laptop forums where everyone has reported large improvements given my suggestions.
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