FrSky XSR-SIM Wireless USB Dongle For Simulators


Is this dongle compatible with RealFlight 7.5?

I am using a FrSky X9D+ Taranis for most of my real flying now days and would like to use it on RF7.5 The old V3 Futaba "box" has such a lousy feel that I don't want to use it.

My G7 wired interface (the little box) is not connecting and I thought that it might just be easier to use a wireless device. Any experience out there?


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But...the trainer port is standard if you can find the adaptors that originally came with RF, you can plug your X9D into the Interlink, and control things that way. Haven't done that since RF5 and my Ace MicroPro, so can't advise much on the process, but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out channel order, etc. on the TX.


Only RF8 and RF9 can use the wireless USB interfaces
I will have to try this. (not ever tried it yet)

I *think* you can still use wireless USB dongles so long as you already have the original REalflight
Interface (Interlink or TX interface) plugged into another port at the same time.
In that case it would only be getting used to run the software, not control the aircraft in the sim.