Futaba T12K transmitter on RF 9


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Is it possible to connect my futaba T12K transmitter via USB to use it on RF9 If so what do I need.
Futaba T12K manual link:

The Futaba 12K does not support DMS2 | DMX2 ; consequently will not work with the WS1000|WS2000 dongles.

The Futaba does have a trainer port, but does not have a usb |gamepad port; consequently cannot be used directly as a Windows gamepad.

Futaba may support other OEM interfaces for access to various simulators (perhaps including RealFlight). You'll need to check with Futaba support, or a Hobby center that supports their product line.



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You can use one of *these*
I *think* you can simply connect a 3 wire servo/SBUS cable to it from your Futaba.
But I have not tested it.
Yes, and no. Yes, you can use the RX2sim device to go wireless; but no, I don't think you can attach it directly to your futaba. (I have not tried either)
The RX2sim device works with many sims and requires additionally the 'receiver'. So, the way it is supposed to work is that the 'receiver' talks to the RX2sim (via support cable) and the RX2sim talks to the PC. The futaba transmitter talks wireless to the 'receiver' normally.

The bottom line is that (for the limited benefits) there is a considerable expanse here. The best way honestly is to use the InterlinkDX; the layout and functions are nearly identical to the futaba 12x in most respects, except that the InterlinkDX will have more channels (all channels) and will probably be more reliable. YMMV

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