Help connecting transmitter to RF 9


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Hello, i’m new here, so sorry if there’re something i said wrong.

First of all, i bought RF9 to develop an autopilot and test it in realflight. I already knew that RF9 needs to connect to tx in order to launch. I already have FlySky Fs-T6 transmitter. After searching for sometimes, I found another thread asking about this but they asked for RF7. It’s said I need anylink2 rx and a cable to connect my FS-T6 and bind it to spektrum dongle or to Interlink Interface.

Is this way still relevance or not? Is there any otherway beside buying interlink dx tx or any spektrum tx?

Thank you!


Ps: I can not found RF9 QNA thread


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I tried a few other receivers with no luck. The dxe works with the ws dongle if you’re not looking to spend a whole lot. This makes it easier in my opinion because you are not tethered to the pc. I use the DX 8 which helps with a lot of the fine tuning problems and all the different channel uses the different planes offer. Hope this helped, have fun!