Help please with RF 7.5

Hi newbie and not very IT if you have answer to my problem can you explain what to do as if you are talking to a complete pc novice thanks
Ok 7.5 was running great on windows 7 But widow 7 stopped updating so I was offered windows 10 for free
Every thing from the 7.5 disc loaded straight away but on launch I get 3 messages what and how do I get 7.5 to work I don’t know what to do any thing it was a really good version spent a good few years with her
Is she now dead ??
This is the messages
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Have a look at this solution.

Ryan Douglas

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I deleted the pictures you attached because they revealed part of your RealFlight and InterLink serial numbers. But what they showed of the error messages was very helpful!

The good news is that RealFlight 7/7.5 will absolutely run on Windows 10. It sounds to me like one of two things happened: either the Windows upgrade process deleted some files it shouldn't have, or an antivirus program incorrectly viewed some things as malicious and quarantined them. The latter has certainly happened on occasion.

Your best bet is to contact RealFlight Technical Support. They are very practiced at helping people who are not especially PC-savvy, and I expect they can work with you to get in there and solve this problem. (If they get really stuck they'll come to me, but by then they'll have a lot more details about the situation.)

Ryan Douglas

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Though written for RealFlight 8, the "Problem #1" portion of the post asj5547 linked to may be helpful to you if you want to tackle it on your own. The "Problem #2" portion would not apply to RealFlight 7, however, and can be completely ignored.


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RF 7.5, 8, and 9 are all working for me on Win 10 and it's updated to the latest June 2020 release (2004). So follow what Ryan said and if you still have trouble call the support line at the number below. They do a great job getting people up and running.

Great Planes Support / Realflight
Call us at 1-217-398-8970
Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm
U.S. Central Time