Hooking up my RF9?


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So, my kid moved out. Took his computer with him. He doesn’t remember the access code but still has RF installed on his computer.
problem is, it’s mine! I used his computer because of its graphics.
I would like to reinstall it onto my computer. I asked him not to delete it from his computer until we can get the code.
so yeah, I got my old computer, put it in the garage, figured I could load the discs, plug in the transmitter it came with, and resume playing. Wrong! I have not hooked up internet yet. I need to run a cable. It’s an older computer but has a newer graphics card. After loading the two discs it requires some sort of verification.
I’m open to buying a laptop but have no idea what will work regarding graphics. I’m not a computer person as you can tell.
anyways, how can i get my RF back up? I’ve gotten into helicopters and must practice. I learned this after putting one into the ground, lol. I’ve had him contact customer support but he has not heard back.