How-to: Running RealFlight 7 on a mac using VMware Fusion.


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Running a VM is virtually identical to running Bootcamp in resulting effect. Knife Edge should offer support.
Except it completely isn't the same. If you run bootcamp the software api's have access to the actual hardware not something emulated. It's basically turning your Computer into a PC which nowadays is what it really is under the proprietary operating system. That's why it's fairly easy to run OSX on other computers like my Dell XPS laptop that runs OSX. There's never been support for virtual machines for RealFlight and probably won't be. Too many variables.

Your problem isn't a RealFlight issue anyways it's a Windows/virtual machine/Apple and most likely a Windows 10 issue so look there for support. Realflight 7.5 works perfectly on systems with Windows 10 when it's not emulated.
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If you run bootcamp the software api's have access to the actual hardware not something emulated. .
As he said there are SEVERAL "layers" that come into play when you are running software in a VM over and above (or below in this case) the guest operating system.

You have the host operating system, it's API's, kernel, drivers, etc... all getting in the way.

Bootcamp makes Windows the native operating system of the machine so OSX does not get in the way at all.

Performance is also vastly improved too as there are no call translations getting in the way.


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12" Macbook early 2016

I use Parallels rather than VM on my work MacBook Pro, but I expect they are essentially the same. I'd like to run RF on my personal MacBook connected to my 50" TV. The Core 5M processor has two cores. From your description, 1 should be fine. The Mac has an SSD, 8Gb RAM, and Intel HD Graphics 515 with 1.5Gb of VRAM. All of this seems adequate, but I'm reluctant to buy a copy of Win 10 and Parallels only to find it actually doesn't run well. I can use a trial copy of Parallels, but have to purchase Win 10.

Can anyone comment on the likelihood of problems running RF on my Macbook?

Thanks so much.


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Thank you. I actually resolved this long ago. Should have posted that. I'm running a Parallels VM with Windows 10 and RealFlight is working fine.

I appreciate your help!