Idea for next Realflight


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With the string of reuploaded ea's with only slight physics changes. which has happened in the past as well. I got to thinking, "why does this happen?" The posters don't seem to be doing it maliciously they seem to be new and want to share there creations. and some there they seem to be accidently renaming the EA and the forums wont let them post their AV to the EA that they accidentally renamed there it was a friend that passed it to them an EA that they already had and importing it they where prompted to rename files or their friend had done this had passed them a grenade with the pin already pulled.

I had this happen to me in the past when I was getting started either I or some one else had renamed something and broke the link I when back and fixed the link by remaking the plane on the right EA. and I found the import process slightly confusing at when I was getting started when it was prompting a rename being overwrite, rename, or don't import aircraft and my young self I dont want to overwrite the way my plane flies and I do want to import it so I would end up giving it a new name (breaking the EA) then it would ask overwrite, rename, or don't import aircraft variant and as a newbie I would be like "you just asked me this question" and rename the AV. then the colorscheme rename it too. and then the plane is broken which only caused confusion on multiplayer. I understand the difference now but I can see some chances for confusion.

My solution is when asked overwrite, rename, or don't import aircraft (EA), maybe a box in the import to help clarify for newbies what the different options mean.

overwrite aircraft = overwrites the physical shape of the model
rename aircraft = import the physical shape of the model under an new name. breaks link to other flight models
don't import aircraft = either dont change the physical shape continue to flight model import or stops import

overwrite aircraft variant = overwrites the flight model of the same name on the computer
rename aircraft variant = import the flight model under an new name.
don't import aircraft variant = either dont change the flight model continue to paint for the model import or stops import

then something similar for the other realflight file types.


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Well I’m confused. What do the different tags mean?
EA is an Entire Aircraft. it contains the 3d graphics a flight model and a colorscheme (the paint) and other files to make it run (see below for list).
AV is an Aircraft Variant it contain only the flight model and other files to make it run (see below for list).
CS is the Colorscheme it is the paint is does not change the 3d model but recolors it, add/removes decals, etc.

(other files to make it run.) include torque curves, IO and resistance, fuel burn and other custom motor specs. custom engine sounds and custom propeller/rotor blades and their files

the import proccess can be confusing to newer sim users especially when it starts to through naming conflicts on import. then when newer members want to upload the AV which is absolutely fine but the ea got renamed usually on accident either by them of there friend it can break the link to content on the swaps. which when they try to share the swaps asks them to upload an EA (the original name was lost in the rename) instead of an AV. EA's take a lot more work than an AV 200-300 hours vs 20-30 minutes. which can lead to misunderstanding when some veteran forum members see and EA made by a user get reuploaded by someone else they can blow a fuse about how the newbie "stole" the original modelers plane.


I tried a few of the new ones by a *new* poster (don't ask me which ones) I don't remember I have so many, and they flew like crap ! So I don't download from them anymore. I'm learning how to edit airports now and even the airplanes (very carefully ) of