import to RF-X


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How do you import your models to RF-X?
It was easy on 7.5.
Here's a link to Ryan's post about the Beta RF-X Vehicle editor. Be sure and read his second post too there's a link to it in his first post. Those two posts by Ryan should answer your questions and get you going. Don't forget to make sure and get the Second Beta Vehicle Editor it has some nice improvements in it.

The two posts by Ryan should clear this up for you but you can't import 'all' of the swap pages planes because there's a few requirements that quite a few planes don't meet, like for instance I didn't put a collision mesh in my planes because RF 6.5 and 7.5 didn't require it, but RF-X does. Anyway come back if you have other questions once you read Ryan's post and try out the Beta Vehicle Editor.