International Policy for RealFlight G2 Upgrade

Scott Kemp

From Great Planes:

Thank you for your interest in upgrading to RealFlight Generation 2. We are pleased to advise you that while we are unable to provide you with any upgrade or rebate offers directly from the United States due to the variances in International laws, the RealFlight Distributor in your country is able to assist you in upgrading your program accordingly. Although the procedures may vary from country to country, we are sure that you will be pleased with the policies that are applicable to your respective country. If you are unsure as to the distributor in your country, please see:

From Knife Edge:
Hey folks, Great Planes has been working hard to arrange similar rebates/promotions internationally the same as in the US and Canada. Sorry it took so long to work this out. But you need to get ahold of your international distributor and ask them what their upgrade policy is. I think you will be happy. :D