Issue with Spektrum NX6


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I've bought Spektrum NX6, when the transmitter is connected in usb with the supplied cable, the game purchased on Steam does not start because I have this error message: Please connect a Realflight controller device or Windows joystick.
Does that mean i can't use NX6 with USB cable? Could it be a driver issue? Do I have to buy a wifi dongle to use it? On the other hand with an Xbox controller, RF trainer works.
Thx for your help


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Perhaps check the radio menus. You may need to set something for it to use the USB port. I'm not familiar with the new NX series to be able to suggest more. I use the OrangeRX wireless USB module if I want to use my DX9.


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On my FrSky radio there is a setting to select the USB port mode - either Joystick or SD Card access.
Perhaps there is a setting on the NX6 to enable Joystick mode.

(The NX6 manual talks about accessing the internal memory via USB but no mention of Joystick. The product advertising says it is compatible with RealFlight 8 & 9 via USB - maybe ask Spektrum support.)


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Does your NX6 work with Realflight, I'm having a Throttle issues where it doesn't want to work in the middle 3 notches.