Jet configuration problems

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Dear gents. I just bought the Volume 3 and intended to create an image

of Craig's aviation's F22, based in the F15 included in the software.

To my surprise, the F22 simulation behaved impossible to flight,
regardless that the actual plane flights excellent, therefore, I
a "reverse engineering" of the F15, for what I took Avond's F15, and
scaled to the Fuse length of the RF's F15, and started to verify
dimensions. As a result, I think that if there is a technical reason
the differences between the RF manual configuration and the actual
configuration, that require some explanation. Now, if the differences
are arbitrary to make the plane flight in the simulator, disregarding
its actual characteristics, that is a different story.

If you are wondering why do I care about the airplane actual
characteristics, the reason is that I designed and I am building an
F35, and I pretend to test it flying in the RF simulator. I did this
before with a modified Cessna 152 of my design, and it worked to
perfection. I was able to solve actual flight behavior by simulating
same conditions in the RF Sim.

Anyhow, returning to the facts, this are the inconsistencies (actual to

simulated) I found:
1) Fuselage width RF: 10.2 cm Actual 17 cm
2) Fuselage Y location: 63.5 cm and Main Wing Y location 45.7 cm. This

makes the wing LE is at 18 cm from the tip of the airplane (as per RF
manual specification). This requires to re-define where is the tip of
the fuselage and also the tip of the wing.
3) Main Wing cord RF: 90.5 cm Actual 76 cm (cord of rib #1, at the edge

of the fuselage)
4) Horizontal tail wing span RF 81 cm Actual 67 cm
5) Horizontal tail wing cord RF 30 cm Actual 33.75 cm
6) Horizontal tail Y Location forward RF -65.8 cm Actual (as per RF
manual) -82.5 cm
7) Vertical tail wing span RF 85.3 cm Actual 87.5 cm
8) Vertical tail wing cord RF 29.3 Actual 41.25 cm
9) Vertical tail Y location RF -55.9 Actual -72.5 cm

I also noticed some of above configuration out of the manual specifications for the F16 in volume 2. May be a list of specifications for jets, with and without fuselage lift, would help a lot.

I will be looking for your help.

Thank you

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