KEMax 2013 exporter postponed

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To the designers creating custom 3D vehicles and objects for RealFlight:

We know you would like to have a 2013 version of the KEMax exporter, so that you aren't required to install and use 3ds Max 2012 for RealFlight work. We planned to make that available for you very soon. However, we started on it and found that it is a much more complicated project than we expected, to the point that we can't do it right now after all. We had to postpone the update until later this year.

We are disappointed by this outcome, and we apologize for any inconvenience it causes. We still intend to release a 2013 KEMax version as soon as we're able.


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Then you haven't been paying attention. It works great for my 64 bit system. It's 3ds Max that needs to be the 32 bit version.


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You messed something up obviously. Here's proof...It's working perfectly on my machine. How do I know what you did wrong?


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My computer is also Windows 7 64-bit. Do you get the error window when starting 3ds max too?


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My computer is also Windows 7 64-bit. Do you get the error window when starting 3ds max too?

Your computer IS NOT the problem, most PCs are 64 bit nowadays.

You installed the 64 BIT version of Max, the same installer has A 32BIT VERSION AS WELL.

You need to select the 32 BIT VERSION OF THE SOFTWARE.

I am sure this was already said in one of your other posts about this problem...


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No one is trying to insult you. I think you are detecting frustration with your ignoring simple logic and utilizing information being offered to you. Does that help you?


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Speaking for myself, insults are not the intention. I have personally tried to give you advise, some step by step, that have gone ignored or rejected. Others have done the same with the same results. Dont worry though, Ill hold my tongue from now on to your questions.:rolleyes::cool:

Now, back to the regularly scheduled program.