Need Recommendation For A Headset


I have been logging in to the multiplayer on RF8 and I also sometimes host for others to fly on my airports.

What I am looking for are recommendations for any inexpensive headset in the $20-$30 range that are decent, and will plug in with a USB connection in my rather old computer, giving me sound and mic. I am not looking for super quality at that price range, and will only use them occasionally.

Your suggestions please!


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I have several; to be honest, I like my plantronics better... but that one is just fine, clear, noise cancelling, in-line controls (four and a half stars) and its in your price range.
Just to be clear, you would be happier with a Plantronics blue tooth in the $146 dollar range... just saying. But the Wantek is just fine for occasional use on a usb connection for $26 bucks. Can't beat that.