New Avatars

Scott Kemp

You may notice the new avatar under my name. As a registered member of the discussion groups (If you have posted then you are registered for sure), you can choose your own picture. Click on the MyPop button at the top then click on profile to choose your avatar. Note that you will have the graphic posted somewhere on the web in order for the program to find it.

If you like, we would be happy to host your picture if you have no where else to do it. Simply make a 128x128 JPG and send it to ! and we'll put it on when we get a chance. Please include your handle that you use for the discussion board in the email as well as the JPG.

The final JPG will be put at

where "xxxxxx" will be replaced with your handle name, all lowercase. Put the entire address in the Picture URL field of the profile page.

No confirmation email will be sent, the JPG will just appear in a 3-10 days. Until that happens, your avatar will appear as a box with an X in it. Please dont ask us where it is until 10 days have passed since you sent the original email.

Whether we host it or you do, please keep all pictures clean and tasteful. We reserve the right to remove members who abuse this request.