New Discussion Boards

Ryan Douglas

Staff member

As you can see, Knife Edge has switched bulletin board systems and is hosting the new forums at a different location. We've taken great care to retain all of the messages from our previous forums as well as all of the user accounts. To log in, simply input your regular username and password into the login box at the bottom right of the main screen. If you are logged in successfully, the login box will disappear and your name will be displayed in the upper right corner of the main screen.

The first thing you should do after logging on for the first time is edit your user profile and options. We recommend opening a new browser window so you can keep these instructions handy and switch back and forth as you go (press Ctrl+N in Internet Explorer). To begin, click the "User CP" button at the upper right to enter the Control Panel. Click "Edit Profile" to change the information other users can find out about you. (Note that the email address at the top of the list is NOT made public; more on that later.) Next, click "Edit Options" to personalize your settings. Most of them are fairly self-explanatory, but I'd like to draw your attention to the "Hide Email Address?" item. The forums are configured such that your email address will never be made publicly available, regardless of your user settings. We do this for your protection, because we care about your privacy as if it were our own. Therefore, whether you select "Yes" or "No", your email address will still remain private. But choosing "No" will allow other users to send you emails through our forum system, which acts as a middleman to hide your address from the sender. The recipient of a message *will* see the sender's email address, however, so consider that before responding. Before leaving the Edit Options page, you will probably also want to change the Time offset to match your time zone.

This would be a good time to bookmark the new forums in your browser!

Unfortunately, we were not able to preserve users' avatar settings during the changeover. However, for now you can still log in to the old bulletin boards if you need to remember where your avatar image is hosted. For everyone without an avatar, if you would like to add an image to accompany your name next to all of your posts, simply go to the User Control Panel, Edit Options, and click "Change Avatar" at the bottom of the page. We can also host the image for you if you prefer.

You'll notice that we changed the forum layout and simplified it quite a bit. This will reduce clutter and increase the overall usefulness of the boards. Basically, anything that isn't a Support question (message that would have gone in the old Tech Support forums) belongs in the General Discussion forums under the appropriate product.

This new streamlined discussion board system will allow us to do some cool new things down the road. Once you grow accustomed to the new setup, we believe you will find it both more intuitive and more responsive than the old forums. We appreciate your patience during this switch! If you have questions about the new system or any of the configuration options, please read the FAQ first and then try posting in the General forum at the top.


The Knife Edge Staff