New RealFlight Vehicle Editor beta is available!

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If you haven't already, please view the official beta announcement before going any further.

This new subforum is dedicated to discussing the new beta, including bug reports.

For those who used previous versions of RealFlight, the editor will feel very familiar. It is more or less the editor you know with some additional functionality added to support its expanded roles.

Let's briefly cover a few items of note.

Editing Vehicle Physics
The stock RF-X models can all be loaded in the editor, allowing you to change their flight behavior and setups as desired.

When you save your changes, you will need to use a new name. (As in previous RealFlight versions, it is not possible to alter stock content.) A new vehicle will be created accordingly. It will appear in the RF-X aircraft selection dialog with an italicized name and a generic preview image. (Creating actual preview images for custom content is on our wishlist.)

You may want to use the aircraft sorting options in RF-X to group custom content together.

Importing Custom Content
Generally speaking, the existing swap pages content is compatible with RF-X. But there are degrees of compatibility. Be advised that it will not all work perfectly. (Please use this thread to report issues you encounter.)

The import process is very similar to previous versions of RealFlight. Basically, download an .RFX/.G3X file from the swap pages and then import it (File -> Import -> RealFlight Archive). If it imports successfully and you see a message to that effect, it will then be available for selection in RF-X.

Managing Custom Content
The Manager User Files dialog from previous versions of RealFlight now exists in the Vehicle Editor. Access it within the File menu. This is how you will rename or delete content. **Update: There is a bug here. See Known Issues below.

Changes While RF-X is Running
You can run the Vehicle Editor at the same time as RF-X. But you should restart the sim after saving any changes in the Vehicle Editor or importing any new vehicles.

Known Issues
Here are a handful of known issues worth mentioning. To be clear, they exist only in the editor, not in RF-X.
  • Error/warning messages are displayed via popup message box. This is not especially user friendly; there can be a lot of them if a model has errors, and the information is not accessible after you click past the message. We plan to improve this method later. But for now, be advised that certain kinds of problems with a model can trigger a deluge of error messages, to the point that you can't really recover and will need to use the Windows Task Manager to kill the editor. (Sometimes you can try skipping past them all if you are persistent, but the editor gets pretty unhappy and probably won't work well for you even if you are successful.)
  • The stock turbine engine sounds are not working.
  • The night variant of the Multiplex ParkMaster 3D is not accessible.
  • Canceling a Rename or Delete operation in the Manager User Files dialog still outputs some of the RF-X vehicle files. This results in an incomplete vehicle. As long as you don't cancel the Rename or Delete, though, those actions should work fine.
Custom content creators, look for more information in the Designer's Corner forum.

I think that's it for now. Please enjoy, and we welcome your feedback!
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Ryan Douglas

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Please note that a new Vehicle Editor build is available, version 0.9.1. Fixes include:
  • Persistent pane layout - The editor will remember your layout if you resize/rearrange the different panes.
  • Working Copy/Rename/Delete functionality in the Manage User Files dialog (though see the Known Issues above for one caveat).
I updated the Known Issues list in the post above to reflect the current state.


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What RF-X version should be used with the Vehicle Editor. Does Beta Update - Version 1.00.034 still have to be used? Or a later Beta? Or can the latest public Version 1.00.042 be used?
Thanks for your help.


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I have installed it but it just dose not want to start working it stops and i get this error codes,
KEError 32495 = KEError 32494

How can i get round them please.


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I have installed it but it just dose not want to start working it stops and i get this error codes,
KEError 32495 = KEError 32494

How can i get round them please.
If you are using RF8, or RF 7.5, you do not need to install the stand alone editor. It is only for RF-X.