New RF-X public beta (1.00.034) is available

Ryan Douglas

Staff member
We are pleased to announce that an update for RF-X, version 1.00.034, is now available as a public beta download.

This free update adds:
  • Green Grass Flatlands - This airport is designed to offer improved performance. All machines will experience the difference, but low-end machines will benefit the most.
  • Numerous optimizations - Our primary goal was improving performance on minimum-spec hardware. That is where the improvements will be most noticeable. However, we did also reduce hitching while flying around and generally made things a bit smoother on all systems.
  • Support for custom content - In RF-X the Vehicle Editor is a separate application that handles all of the following: editing vehicle setups and physics; adding brand new custom models to the sim (for content creators); importing custom content that was created and shared by others; and managing your collection of custom content. A beta version of the Vehicle Editor is now available, and this version of RF-X is required to use it.
Please note that by default the sim now starts in fullscreen mode at a lower resolution. (It will still remember your settings if you change this.)

Perform the following steps to obtain the update:
  1. Start the RF-X Launcher
  2. Click Technical Support
  3. Click Enter Tech Support Code
  4. Enter the following code: PBEC#a27q3xeh852x (If successful, you will see a message saying "You are now registered to use the Public Beta site until the new version is posted to official download site.")
  5. Go back to the main Launcher menu and click Registration/Updates
  6. Make sure that in the bottom left corner it says Temporary Public Beta. If not, try reentering the code
  7. Click Update to Latest Version; alternatively, click Update to Specific Version, choose 1.00.034 from the list, and click OK.
The LauncherHelper will need to restart partway through this process. Answer "Yes" when it asks if you want to continue downloading the new version. When this process is finished, you will have the latest available version of RF-X.

Please let us know if you discover any new bugs. Complete release notes will follow at a later date.