newbie looking for help


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I have real flight 7.5 and am using a spectrum DX6 transmitter with it. I will eventually start flying a Hobbyzone sportsman s+ (model hbz8900). Will someone please let me know which realflight aircraft will have similar flight characteristics?


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OK, so the reason you are not getting a response is because you posted in the wrong forum section and on the wrong simulator version.

I am pretty sure that the Horizon Hobbies Apprentice is pretty much the same airplane and you should be able to find and down load it from the swap pages. Look for the link to the swap pages in the blue bar at the top of each forum page.

I would also mention the use of the Nextstar aircraft as part of the standard selection of planes included with the software. At this point in you flying career, it does not really matter what aircraft you use to learn control. The Nextstar has been a go to aircraft for many years. Once you can fly one, you can fly many more. Don't be trying to learn flying with a Mustang. You need to be able to takeoff, circle the field and land reliably every time. Use the sim to learn, not as a toy.