News about the next G3 update

Ryan Douglas

Staff member
We are aware that many RealFlight G3 users have some of the same questions about features, bugs, and our next update. In this announcement, we will address those frequently asked questions.

Graphics card compatibility:
Many RealFlight G3 users have expressed a need for RealFlight to run on a wider variety of video cards. Support for a number of lower-end video cards will be included in our next update. Performance is improved on many systems as well.

A complete list of the cards we've tested will be released along with the update.

Custom Aircraft Designer Software:
We are pleased to announce that our custom aircraft designer software is nearly ready for a public beta test. Please watch the Knife Edge Software web site for details on how you can become a part of this testing program. Our designer software package will include Gmax (a free version of the program our artists use to create the 3D models) plus the other tools we use internally to take those models and make them work in RealFlight. We are simply repackaging the tools our artists use for public consumption.

Please realize that these tools are very complicated and will require some experience with 3D modeling, or else a lot of trial and error on your part. Official support will be very limited. The beta period will give our users a chance to try out the custom aircraft designer and submit feedback to us while we develop the documentation.

Multiplayer issues:
We have been alerted to some issues with multiplayer by our users. Our understanding at this time is that multiplayer is functioning correctly on most systems, but some users are having trouble making a connection. If you are experiencing troubles with multiplayer please notify RealFlight support. We are scheduling time for testing and improvement of our multiplayer code in an update to be released this fall.