Nieuport 17 for RF7.5 ?


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Is there a Nieuport 17 for ver 7.5 ? I haven't found anything though I'm new here and not sure if I'm efficiently searching.
I'll be building the BUSA 1\6 version shortly and would like to have something to play with online during construction.


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The closest you'll get to a "17" is the Nieuport XC_ea. Their is also a Nieuport 11_AV, however you will need Expansion Pack #7 as that is where the base Aircraft is that you will need for the AV. There are 2 "28"s available to fly, along with 2 AV's for the 28s. The Proctor Nieuports are the top of the pack when it comes to scale. Type Nieuport in the search uploads part of the advance search bar and you'll see them listed.