No sound problem solved


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I don't mean to publish unnecessary posts. I spent some time trying to figure out why the sound stopped playing in RF8. I even reinstalled RF8. Call me dumb, but I finally noted a message that was popping up in the lower left of the screen that said "mute was on toggle with the M key". I hope I can save someone the wasted time I spent learning that you can mute the sound!


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Thank you so much Stan. I just spent 30 minutes trying to solve and then found your solution - you may have saved me hours.


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WOW, you dredged that one up from four years ago, search works!! Good post.
You should also know that you can press shift+~ and type help for a lot of commands you might not know about. There is always the user's manual under the help menu. Hey Ryan, It would be nice if the user manual for RF was available from the Window's Start Menu for people who cannot get into the software.