Parrot Anafi drone


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I'm looking for a drone to fly with RealFlight 8

In the summer i go out to fly my Parrot Anafi and i would be great if i had the drone available in Realflight for the winter time :)

Is there someone with the possebility to design this drone?

Included is the picture of the drone.




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I have the Anafi and a Bebop 2, and they fly similar to each other.

The physics in RealFlight does not simulate the real physics of the Anafi, or the Bebops. They are almost completely automated in their flight characteristics. There is no skills gained from using a simulator with these aircraft

You don't really fly a Drone like these, but tell them what you want them to do and they do it if it's safe to do so. They even have autonomous flight with flightplan. Just set it up push the button and let it do its own thing. They can fly for miles without any connection since they follow a pre-planned route you setup in FreeFlight 6/FreeFlight Pro.

You can fly in the winter with them too just keep the battery warm before flight.
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There are several good drones already in RF8.

Explorer 580 (Very easy to add camera in the editor if you want)
Heli-max FORM500
Heli-max Voltage 500
Hexacopter (Including a GPS version)
Husban X4 Pro

etc ... one of them should simulate your model close enough.

There is also a free add-on if you want to use FlightAxis link with the software.


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None of the drones in RealFlight fly like the Anafi. The physics from realflight won't accurately replicate the flight Physics as it's really isn't piloting at all. It's almost completely flown by the on board computer and only takes commands within its limits by the pilot.