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This is a temporary post to remind folks what was stated in the O.P................
willsonman said:
There is to be NO discussion just simply a post of parts for others to use. Engines, pilots, busts, etc.
This is not a how-to thread. .
violators will be prostituted :p


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herc40 said:
This is the Jessica Rabbit bust. Enjoy
The file is bigger than I can zip. This is a Wings 3D file, and you MUST CHANGE the name of the file back to Jessica Rabbit Bust.wings in order to use it in Wings 3D.

:D :D


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!930s pilot

This is a full figure pilot fully mapped and textured. Polys are relatively low at 3662.
Included in the zip is the max file as well as an obj,3ds, and fbx compatible with max 2009 and up. The psd is also included for easy changes. Enjoy.



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This is a somewhat modified version of Boof's Pilot, intended to be more World War I like. Included in the zip are the max file (highly recommended), obj, 3ds, and fbx files. If you cannot use the max file, use the fbx file if possible. The 3ds file is mapped, but you will need to rename PilotFigure.tga to PILOTFIG.TGA and then point to it. The .obj version of the file has a slight flaw where the leg goes through the bottom of the coat. You might need to fix that depending on the angle you are using. (Probably not).

The triangles come in at a modest 3056.




I used Jeff's EDF model so I will try and improve my karma a little by sharing this O.S. 120 engine model I made. Its 8,000 polygons but could be optimized to reduce polys if needed. Please give credit if you decide to use it -thanks!

edit* the carb is able to be animated so that it works in the sim