Playstation controler for PC this is COOL!

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first off i was lookin gon e-bay for some game wheels (been playing nascar4 alot) was looking for a wheel to race online with. I found this really cool controler called a madcatz hand-held.

When i first seen this wheel i thought WOW this is the coolest looking controler i have ever seen. it was only $5. so i bit on it and won, paying a total of $10. i figured ide give it a shot maybe trying to rewire it. $10. was worth a shot.

Today i get in the controler and WOW! this thing looks great, before even trying it out on my playstation i rip it apart for inspection (lots of componets in there) looks like a cross between analog pots (like the realrace controler) and electronics like a digital controler. I do a little searching on the internet and i find a USB CONVERTER! WOOOOOHOOOO! a playstation to USB converter can you believe this?

So now you can have one controler for your PC and you game deck, and let me tell you this is one comfortable feeling controler. its got just the right amount of tension (like the realrace controler) and has the comfort and buttons of a full blown wheel. I cant wait to get in the converter.

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2 15gig 7200 IBMs in RAID!
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256 megs Mushkin
SBlive platnum
3Com nic, cable
24X10X40 lite-on
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Gee... this sounds just like a sales pitch to me.

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I have modified my xbox controller to where theres a status led and a usb port to connect it to my computer and then i can go back and play some halo 2 on xbox live.
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