Problems with RF-X


New member

I have used the RF-X for couple of years. To run it smoothly I have downgraded almost everything and I have been rather happy with it. I only could fly from the most flat airport. A couple of months ago I made an upgrade as the program asked if I want to do. So I have now version 1.00.028. That was a big mistake. RF-X did not start but until the hangar phase. I did the uninstall job and loaded the RF-X again from the scratch - I thought. Something is totally different by now, the landscape is too detailed for my PC and the flight is very rough. I also found that the RF-X is now suspended. So what to do? Should I downgrade to earlier versions? To which of them? What I need is nice flying with minimal background as I am keen in training the RC way of flying after flying years on aircraft. Are there any choices with airliners? Fokker F27, DC9, ATR42 or 72 or Airbus 319-320-321?

Regards Pauli