Quad-copters in RF 6.5


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Boy has it been a while.

Long story short; I don't have the disposable cash to spend on RealFlight 7.5 or RealFlight Drone just for drones, however, in 6.5 we still have the Guai 330x and I need to import a drone into 6.5 and make it hover/hold like a DJI Phantom and I have zero idea on what to do. (3d wise, I've done plenty of Aircrafts so no issue with importing planes/heli's, just set ups).

Thing is, that drone flies like a Heli - not like the DJI and etc, as current drones usually, usually, have the stabilization and hold position thing (not GPS, just hover straight). think of it as the NexStar's auto recover system that puts it back straight.

I just wanted to ask anyone with experience as I've NEVER done a heli, and I'm jumping into importing a self designed Quad-copter into 6.5 and have no idea where or what I'm doing.

Anyone with past experience/knowledge for such drones in the electronic/etc set up in the Aircraft editor on RealFlight can help out, it'd be MUCH appreciated.

On that note, I had a hard drive crash and lost my BrightStar model, however, the latest save was salvaged and I may start working on it; seems like a sign from the one above to finish it once and for all.



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RealFlight Drone and version 7 and up have a new flight controller specifically for multi rotors that does the stability, return to home, altitude hold, loiter, and auto land. I don't see a way to make this work in previous versions of realflight, since it's part of the newer software.


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Thanks for the reply Gill; good to see you still around as well as some of the older lurkers still in the shadows here. I know what you mean - to be honest I didn't expect to get 7.5 systems into 6.5 but wondered if 7.5 used any excessive AFS/gyro systems that were in 6.5 as so changes between versions 4-6 were more or less the same from my experience. I read the change log of 7.5 and learnt of the new changes made ESPECIALLY for drones and I guess that's the real catch there as you have mentioned.

Well, seems like my money's going somewhere towards 7.5 again..

C'est la vie.
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