radio gadget and flightaxis


I'd like to use videos of RealFlight for ArduPilot training. One issue with doing that is the radio widget doesn't display the right data. It displays the actuator outputs instead of the actual pilot stick inputs. I think this happens as flightaxis provides "radio" inputs, and the radio gadget takes those as sticks.
This makes the radio widget no good for training. For example, in a quadcopter the sticks move rapidly in seemingly random ways, based on the demanded speed of the 4 motors. In a quadplane the sticks move a lot, plus the switches go crazy.
Could we have a option in physics settings for the radio widget to display the actual radio input instead of the flightaxis inputs?
I should note that in some situations displaying the flightaxis inputs is useful, so I think a setting is the best way to go. For example, when I'm tuning I can see when gains are too high as the sticks move really rapidly.
Cheers, Tridge