Ran out of ideas taking suggestions


hey guys ive ran out of ideas for models to make so im considering any suggestions you may have
Folks: I’m probably like many others in that I can’t afford to buy, own, or transport several large-scale model RC airplanes for many different terrains or flying conditions. In this regard, for my E-f Night Timber X1.2m, 4S, with slats, I bought the Du-Bro Snow Skis (modifications needed, see the YouTube Video, but reamed wheel-hub holes to retain the original wheels), and the H-H #EFL5261 Float Set, Timber. I’m now up to R-F 9.5.031, and I’ll assume more updates are coming soon. My suggestion? Can your new update(s) include an X1.2m Night Timber, 4S, with Slats and with Float Pontoons like your X1.5m Turbo Timber? Also, since I want to have full-season year-round RC flying opportunities, can you make one of the Lakes, like Alpine Lake or Lake Douglas, as an Ice and Snow-covered environment for those of us who did convert our Timbers to Du-Bro snow skis? Along with an X1.2m Timber with fitted snow skis? To help your developers, I used my Digital scales when swapping to the Du-Bro snow skis and they didn’t add a weight or C-G penalty. In fact it reduced takeoff weight by 1/4- Oz. Swapping to the #EFL5261 Float Set Timber, only added about 1.97 Oz. weight penalty, same C-G, with about the same Aerodynamic Drag as having the open wheel struts and oversized tires. The R-F Sim confirmed this performance with the X1.5m Timber. Thanks again for a great off-season practice product to help us all keep up our skills.