Rans Chaos S9


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PilotAt6 requested a model of the Rans Chaos S9. (now that was an aircraft I had never heard of), so I went searching the web to see what I had been missing, from the exterior it was a nice looking plane with a very unusual glass side in the fuselage but as soon as I saw the interior of the cockpit I was sold on giving the model a try, lots of tubing frame work.
So my starting point is the cockpit, strange way to make a model, (from the inside out).
Here are the pictures that inspired me.


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Oh boy ... you made my day asj5547. The starting pictures look excellent. I also am looking forward to the finished aircraft and am pleased you started a build thread so we can follow along.
Thank you !!!!!

uncle twist

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On a more realistic note asj, do you have a CS in mind...????..I`ve been looking around for some, but being a home-built plane it appears there aren`t to many out there to choose from, let alone pics. of them.


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WOW ... looking great. I can't believe it's really coming to fruition ... must be dreaming !:sleep:
I'll be up early to download it ... Technoid thinks it will be ready and I believe him. :whistle: