[Read 1st] Beta version of RealFlight Vehicle Editor is available

Ryan Douglas

Staff member
That's right, it's time to start making custom models for RF-X! :D

If you haven't already, please view the official beta announcement before going any further.

We would prefer to keep this forum focused on issues that affect only content creators. To that end, as much as possible please take general editor discussion (including bugs that are not specific to custom content creation) to the Vehicle Editor Beta subforum.

Let's recap some things you probably already know:
  • The new poly limit is 135,000!
  • Multiple textures are not supported at this time. We hope very much to change that down the road.
  • Custom motor sound profiles, visual propellers, and visual heli blades are supported.
Now let's cover some things related to exporting content:

Swap Pages
During the Vehicle Editor beta period, the swap pages will not support RF-X uploads. You are still welcome and encouraged to share models during this time. Please do so by posting them as attachments to posts in the new Beta Custom Content Swap subforum.

I suggest a single thread for each vehicle, with any updates to that vehicle either being added as new posts in that vehicle thread or replacing the original version such that post #1 always contains the latest version.

Metalness Workflow
.RFX files do not currently include metalness upgrades. You can share the original version with others users and it should work fine. They just won't get your additional post-editor improvements.

It may still be possible, albeit inconvenient, to share those changes with other users by manually distributing the modified files outside the .rfx file. This is not something we've been able to explore. Feel free to experiment and keep us apprised of your findings.

Please read these guidelines for details on creating art for RF-X.

We expect some (hopefully minor) growing pains while you guys adjust to the new system. We intend to support you as much as possible along the way, and look forward to seeing your new creations!